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An Overview of  PACE21 projects

We apply Systems Engineering methods and provide “off the shelf” solutions to increase the project efficiency and achieve cost savings.


We see start-ups and SMEs as the key to innovation, and we are passionate about helping them to shape the future.

We understand that the desired results depend on many factors, such as company position, investors and cash situation, product development stage, market and customers, and many others.
We combine engineering and management consulting experience to provide solutions considering the internal and external project and organisational factors.


ability to adapt quickly to internal and external challenges and make quick decisions


clear understanding on vision and no need for extensive communication


It is all about results and the speed, in a small team, everyone must contribute over 100% and give their best

From concept to the product

From product strategy and design, through specific customer application and project execution, we are ready to support you as needed to make your story a success with the unique PACE approach.

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