AidePDM offers you a one stop shop to cover the full document life cycle. Managing Partnumbers, managing Documents and finally link them together. All in ONE tool!


AidePDM goes into the cloud


After a lot hours of intense development and testing, AidePDM proofed to be the Software tool of choice for Engineers who need the flexibility and performance on a “state of the art” level. With that overwhelming feedback, we realized there are requests rising to relocate the work into a cloud based solution. Customers speak, we listen, so we can proudly announce we moved our services to a full scaled Cloud solution. For those under you, who appreciated the self hosted solution, don’t worry: on premises solution will be available in future.

The AidePDM Roadmap


New Features

check_box Release Process with digital signature

check_box Adding Documents as separate workflow

check_box Cloud solution


Coming Soon

check_box_outline_blankBOM Feature

check_box_outline_blank Personal workspaces

check_box_outline_blankPDF release process flow, including digital signature

Feel free to provide you feedback, comments and suggestions in the comment section below or open a ticket in our Bitbucket ticket system to report a bug or deficency.



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