Get Your Parts under control

If you know you need to take control of engineering data and processes you are looking for a compact solution Pace21 offers the perfect solution for you.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Use the LW PDM on a wide range  of different platforms. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linx. Using on Mobile devices without loosing performance

Modular Process flow

Adjust the process flow to your need

Local & Cloudbased solutions available

Depending on your saftey requirements the PDM offers local hosted solutions as well as Cloud based 

AidePDM is a light weight, browser-based Product Document Management System

It controls the broad set of Tasks in the Product development

✅ Creating & managing Part numbers in a Database
✅ Controlling Documentation related to a Product
✅ Release process of parts and Documents

✅ Digital Signature
✅ ISO 9001 ready

Keep it simple

With AidePDM there is no need worry about installation or permission on the client side – simply use the Web Browser of your choice.

One Tool to cover everything

AidePDM offers you a one stop shop to cover the full document life cycle. Managing Partnumbers, managing Documents and finally link them together. All in ONE tool!

Your Data, Your Choice

Maximal felxibility in choosing where and how your Data is stored. AidePDM offers Cloud Solutions  which fulfill highest Swiss securtiy requierements. Export, download and backup your data 24/7 with many open APIs available.

“Simplicity and modularity beats Complex and overloaded competitors. AidePDM solves the most common problem for start-ups, to get the Design Data under control.”

Quirin Malcherzyk

CEO, Flexudy

“The tool has an intuitive Layout, modern design and is seamless to use on different devices.”

Magnus Øyvind

CTO, Ranco KR

Excel your business today!

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