Systems Integration as core for success


Applied Systems Engineering boosts your Development

Meet product expectations for customer satisfactions

Shorten time to market

Gain significant life-cycle cost (LCC) savings

For Equipment Manufacturers

When integrated wrong, even a great product will fail to meet the customer expectations.

We help you and your customer to manage the product integration to ensure that overall systems performance meets the market needs

  • Clear overall targets and requirements
  • Statement of Work, Workpackage and Deliverables
  • Architecture and concept definition
  • Structural, electrical and software integration
  • Performance validation
  • Equipment qualification support
  • Project support and reporting

    For OEMs

    Many aspects of the product need to be managed to make ensure its success on the market.

    In the complex environment, it is a challenge to have the right resources and knowledge to manage the product development and organisational aspects.

    • Concept of Operation, Use Spectrum, Marketing requirements
    • Supplier evaluation and selection
    • Statement of Work, Workpackage and Deliverables
    • Product Architecture
    • Systems Integration and Interfaces
    • Structural, electrical and software integration
    • Product certification and flight approvals
    • Performance validation

      For Operators

      As operator, you know best what you need for your business. We help you to find the product with the right performance for your mission.

      With many years of experience in product deployment and wide professional network, we are the right partner to support your business:

      • Product evaluation
      • Business case definition
      • Regulatory approvals
      • Operational concept definition
      • Product modifications


          We are curious

          We look for new ideas, problems, challenges, and technologies.


          We listen

          Close communication gaps, provide transparency.

          We see big picture

          Roles and responsibilities, project boundaries, stakeholder management.


          We lead

          Manage expectations, Provide direction, take decisions.

          We connect systems

          Systems dependencies, system boundaries, diverse technical skills, interfaces.

          We are agile

          Learn and adapt, manage risk, monitor and act.

          Systems Engineering

          Systems Engineering emphasis the system’s total operation and concerns not only engineering design but many other factors such as customer usability, system interfaces, supply chain, manufacturing, lifecycle cost, and maintenance. Furthermore, systems engineering inherent some important aspects of the project management concept that concern with the engineering effort in the project, setting the objectives, guiding the project’s executions, and evaluating the project’s results.

          Systems engineering bridges all traditional engineering disciplines and many external factors involved in a complex project to ensure product success in competitive market environment

          Due to automation and information technology, the systems complexity growth is exponential, which puts high pressure on the organisations.

          Applying systems engineering principles and processes becomes critical for the industries in order to establish and maintain their competitiveness level.

          Systems Engineering focuses on three major challenges:

          • Understanding the complexity and management of the different aspects of the product
          • Providing clear objectives of the project, the relationships within elements of the system, and solutions of problems occurred during project life cycle
          • Clear communication between engineers in the team, between organizations, within the project


          of development projects require System egineering


          of workload can be outsourced


          min. ROI

          Don't scale when it is too late

          Avoid one of the most common mistakes and scale your system engineering activities right from the beginning of the development.

          Get in contact and let us show you ways to be prepared for the growth of your company.


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